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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

E-Democracy Panel on Thursday

Some research group members may be interested an e-democracy panel held this Thursday on the Thompson Library (11th floor).
Scholars from different disciplines will discuss what it means to be a citizen in a digitized and globally connected community. What is a citizen? How do citizens participate? What are the boundaries of the community? How does technology help citizens be more engaged? What are the challenges to healthy, functioning democracy and community in a digital and globalized era?
The discussion will include audience participation. Panelists: Peter Shane, OSU Moritz College of Law; Jennifer Evans Cowley, OSU Department of City and Regional Planning; Philip Armstrong, OSU Department of Comparative Studies; and Patrick Losinski, Executive Director, Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Profile: Jesse Fox's work

The Stanford News Service has posted an interesting profile of Asst. Professor Jesse Fox's research, titled "Can avatars change the way we think and act?" on its web site. If you're interested in the topic, or just want to know more about our new faculty member, please check it out.